How To Get Through The Day Even If You Had No Sleep


If you had a rough night last night and didn’t manage to get your 8 hours, we feel you. This is why we have decided to try and find the best tips for trying to get through the day even if you didn’t have a great night. There can be so many reasons for someone not to get a good sleep, but the reality is that it can affect your day greatly. Groggy people are even more likely to injure themselves.

Find out now what you can do in order to try to stay awake today.

Get Outside As Much As Possible

This is the best thing for it. Walk to work, get on your bike or just sit in the park. The fresh air will help you feel so much better. If you have the opportunity to work outside, do it. This will stop you from getting groggy in the warm, cramped office environment. Make sure not to do anything too risky though as you will be more prone to hurting yourself.


Avoid Heavy Foods

Everyone knows the feeling of feeling sleepy after a big lunch. That will be multiplied immensely if you didn’t get much sleep last night. Try to have a light, healthy lunch and snack throughout the day instead. This will stop you from feeling bloated and tired.

Drink Lots Of Water

Water is the miracle cure for everything. Really though, dehydration will only cause your fatigue to get worse so it’s important that you stay hydrated throughout the day. In addition to this, a freezing cold cup of water is said to be more likely to wake you up than a cup of coffee. With that in mind, water really is a godsend.

Have A Coffee Then Nap Immediately

A fun trick that the internet has shared with us. Have a large cup of iced coffee, very fast, then immediately go to sleep. Only nap for about 25 minutes. This length of nap will be long enough for your body to feel rested, and by the time you wake up the coffee will have kicked in. It’s the ideal solution and should hopefully help you get through the majority of the day.


Listen To Upbeat Music

Music is the best in any situation. However, it can really help here. Pick your favourite song or a tune that always puts you in a good mood. Sing along to it while you get ready. Have it playing full blast on the subway, blocking out the noise. This will really help put you in a great mood and help you feel less tired.