Betting Jobs: How To Get Into The Gambling Industry

Betting Jobs

The gambling industry is growing from strength to strength. There are many different ways nowadays for individuals to acquire betting jobs. Whether it is in the online gambling industry or in a casino, there are betting jobs for everyone. We have decided to look at some of the most popular jobs in the gambling industry and communicate with you now, how you might go about applying for one of these jobs. It should be noted that most of the jobs listed will have to be based outside of the UK.

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Online Betting Jobs

One of the best ways to get involved with the gambling industry is to apply for online betting jobs. There are companies such as Betting Jobs who can help. They list a wide range of Betting Jobs around the world.

It should be noted, that due to legislation, the best online betting jobs exist in places like Gibraltar and Malta where the legislation allows for companies to thrive comfortably.

Betting Jobs

That said, the recruitment agency mentioned above has a whole host of jobs based in London and around the UK, so relocation may not be necessary.

It’s all about finding a balance between finding a job you love and living in the right place.

Casino-Based Betting Jobs

However, if you were to work in an actual casino, there is a really wide range of jobs you can do. These range from Bartender to Gamer Surveillance and they all play a role in making the gambling experience what it is.

Some of the most desirable jobs include the Dealer and the Casino Host.

The Dealer does what it says on his name tag. They operate the games tables, dispensing cards and chips and making sure the game’s equipment works smoothly. Most dealers have to attend Dealer’s School in order to get the job they are in. The wage for this job isn’t that great, but it makes up for it in tips. Having a charismatic and witty personality will hopefully lead to you gaining more tips.

Betting Jobs

Casino Hosts are the paid life and soul of the party. They are the folks who take care of the VIPs, organise restaurant reservations for those visiting the casino, and generally try to make the casino more money. It is definitely the most desirable of all betting jobs.