The Top Four Best Places To Live In London

For those who like to be London-based, you may be wondering where the most desirable areas to live might be.  The list of top places in London includes the famous areas of Notting Hill and Fulham, as well as other areas such as up-and-coming Clapton and hipster Bermondsey. In no p[particular order, we have listed some of our favourites below.

The house prices in London are lauded as some of the most expensive in all of the UK. Everything is more expensive in London. That said, prices in June 2018 have actually seen a drop of 0.9 per cent. This takes the average house price in London to £636,947. When compared to the national average of £227,871, this is quite shocking. In the most desirable areas, this price will only continue to inflate.

Find out now if one of these areas might be for you.


An area of stylish flats by the river and flat of old converted warehouses, Bermondsey is by far one of the coolest areas to stay in London. From antique markets to gourmet street foods, there is always something on to attract the hipster crown out of their Instagram-worthy homes. Attractions here include the Maltby Street Market and the White Cube contemporary art gallery.

Notting Hill

This area north of Kensington is known for being one of the most cosmopolitan areas of London. It is host to the world-famous Notting H9ill Carnival that is held each year in August. The area is made up of attractive Victorian townhouses and high-end restaurants. This has made it a very fashionable place to live.


Referring to both Upper and Lower Clapton in the East side of London, this is one of the most popular areas to live in the capital. It has been named one of London’s hippest areas. Creative individuals are continuing to move further and further east. Shoreditch has faded from the limelight now and lost its pizazz. With that, Clapton is taking over. Full of independent bars and eateries, it’s benefitting from natural regeneration.


The Fulham area of London is one of the best for going out for food or drinks. Lying on the North side of the River Thames, it is sat between many other very attractive districts. These include Wandsworth, Putney and Kensington and Chelsea. It’s great for families as there are loads of green areas and it is popular among football fans as well.