Glasgow Style: The Most Flattering Womens Shoes And Boots

Womens Shoes And Boots

Glasgow is known as one of the best shopping cities in the UK. For that reason, if you’re visiting then you will want to look your best while walking up and down the renowned Style Mile.  From Kurt Geiger to Vivienne Westwood, you will be able to find only the most fashionable womens shoes and boots while traversing this area of the city. However, you want to find the style that is most suited to your body types and leg shape. This will have you exuding confidence and taking the city right in your stride on your travels.

Read on and find out the most flattering styles of womens shoes and boots.

Flat Ankle Boots

For muscular women, the flat ankle boot is great for supporting and also highlighting your great legs. It will bring attention to the shapely nature of your legs and highlight your muscles or tone. If you want to make your legs appear more feminine, try a pair of flat ankle boots with embellishments or straps.

Womens Shoes And Boots

Heeled Ankle Boots

If you have short legs, then the best option is always to wear heeled shoes. Even a small heel on your ankle boot will make your legs seem longer instantly. If you want to further increase the appearance of longer legs, try heeled ankle boots with a side zipper that runs up the length of the boots. This will force the eyes to travel upwards and will make the legs look longer. Wear with skinny jeans or a pencil skirt to keep that streamlined look.

Boots With An Angled Cuff

If you have thick calves then one of the best solutions is to wear boots with an angled cuff. These are usually a touch higher at the front than at the back. This will create a curve on the leg that is more flattering than traditional boot shapes. If you want to create a long, lean line in your leg, then wear tights or leggings with the boots in a matching colour. This will make your legs look slimmer and longer.

Womens Shoes And Boots

Where To Find Womens Shoes And Boots

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