Event Crew Hire & Temporary Exhibition Structures for Open Streets

Bikes at Open Streets London for Event Crew Hire

When organising any large event it is of the utmost importance that you take on enough staff to cover all bases. Being short staffed can lead to security and safety issues, slow service, and unhappy customers and even cause stress for the few staff members that you do have. On top of that, there is the issue of hiring staff that are not experienced or trained correctly for the job. Hiring incompetent staff could lead to similar problems caused by a shortage of staff and at times could be worse. Open Streets in London is a very large event with lots of open spaces in public areas meaning event crew hire is an absolute essential for ensuring the occasion runs smoothly.

Event crew hire members standing beside the site for temporary exhibition structures in hard hats looking at plans

Event Crew Hire from Ten Ten Events

Ten Ten Events is one of the leading UK crew suppliers to the events industries. All of the staff and crew assigned by Ten Ten Events are expertly trained by industry veterans and all have plenty of experience in their field of work. Whether you are looking for temporary staff to help unload and move equipment at an event, or you require trained structure specialists, this events company has what you are looking for.

Open Streets London

What is the Open Streets event? Bogota, Columbia has been closing its road every Sunday since 1974, allowing pedestrians and cyclists free reign on the streets. This mass recreation event gives city dwellers the space to exercise without fear from automobiles. Open Streets in Bogota covers 76 miles and usually sees approximately 1.7 million people make use of the free roads with bikes, blades and boards. Not only does this encourage people to exercise, but the open streets event cuts down on air pollution as well as encouraging people to use alternative methods of transport on regular days. In recent years, after word spread of Open Streets Botoga or Ciclovia as it is known by natives, other cities in across several countries are introducing their own Ciclovia. London is one of the cities that is trying to implement this scheme.

Event crew hire staff walking in a line away from the camera with blue t-shirts on

Temporary Exhibition Structures and Event Crew Hire

Arranging professional event crew hire is an integral part of Open Streets London as a strong, experienced team is required to lift and manoeuvre roadblocks and large signs throughout the city streets. Occasionally there can be other events coinciding with Open Streets such as art, music and live performances which require staging areas. You can find a rich variety of temporary exhibition structures at VBS Structures and of course, hire a crew to assemble and dismantle from Ten Ten Events.