Everything you need to know About STD tests:

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Have you noticed any abnormality regarding your sexual health? If yes, then it may be a sign of an STD. Most people think that there is little chance of infections spreading while making love, but it is possible. This brings up the importance of sexual health tests and how easily they can be dismissed.

There are thousands of organisms living on the internal and external surfaces of your genitals. All they need is a chance to grow and cause the disease.

It does not matter whether you have gone through oral, vaginal, or anal sex. The point to ponder is whether you have followed the protocol of safe sex or not?

If not, then you might be at risk of contracting an STD. There is only one way to determine whether you have acquired the infection or not, and this is by performing a sexual health test for any potential STD.

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What are the Prevailing STDs?

Before visiting your doctor or sexual health clinic, it is necessary to know about the prevailing pathogens that can impart adverse effects on your sex life.

Bacteria, viruses, and parasites cause several diseases. Some of the common STDs are as follows:

·         AIDS

·         HSV-2

·         HPV

·         HBV

·         Gonorrhea

·         Syphilis

·         Chlamydia

·         Trichomoniasis

The symptoms of every disease are different from each other and vary in males and females.

What To Discuss With Physician?

While visiting sexual health clinic or a specialist physician, you need to be dead honest about your sex life. There is nothing to hide about your recent experience while making love.

Always remember if you will feel embarrassed or hesitate to explain the problem, it may turn into something that cannot be treated. Furthermore, describe the symptoms and allow the doctor to examine your sex organs physically.

The physical examination will help the doctor take a clear image of the position and estimate the intensity of the infection. However, a doctor will not prescribe any sexual health test until he observes the patient by himself.

What Could be The Samples for STD tests?

After the examination process, the sampling part begins. The sample collection is the job of the diagnostic lab. The lab technologists are professionals to deal with such samples.

Following are the samples while performing a sexual health test:

·         Blood sample

·         Urine sample

·         Semen Sample

·         Vaginal discharge

·         Anal Swab

·         Vaginal Swab

·         Oral Swab

Depending upon the symptoms and signs of the disease, the doctor mentions the sample for the disease. For example, in the case of HSV-2, the samples can be swabs from blisters on the surface of the penis. While in the case of AIDS blood sample is preferred.

What comes after the diagnosis?

You are diagnosed with an STD! What are your options? What are the next steps?

First, you will bring your report back to your doctor for examination. After evaluating the intensity of the disease, the doctor prescribes medicines and initiates the treatment. Some STDs are acute and get cured quickly, while some take time and multi-drug therapy.

Final Words:

Rather than feeling devasted and ruined, it’s better to calm down and follow the doctor’s instructions. Then, there is nothing to worry about, and feeling embarrassed that you are the only one who has acquired an STD.

The number of STD patients is increasing day by day. But that doesn’t mean none of them gets cured. The treatment is available, but until a total cure gets invented it will take time and care.