Are Young People Abandoning London?


Many people are asking themselves if London is losing its appeal to the young. The city has a large number of young workers but the city has also lost its charm. This phenomenon has become more pronounced in the last few years. In 2019, it was estimated that 13% of Londoners left for other big cities in the UK. One reason could be the lack of quality of life.

A study by the University of Oxford indicates that younger workers are leaving in large numbers. This is because they are less settled and have less dependents. Given the work from home trend, it is now easier to afford to live in the suburbs. The study shows that many young workers are considering relocating to a rural town. The question is, why are young people abandoning London?

Young people are abandoning the capital in increasing numbers. The high cost of living and isolation make the city less appealing to young people. However, the buzz will return when life starts opening up to them. The high population density of London will continue to be a draw for young people. Furthermore, the diversity of London will attract more talent and entrepreneurs. The city population is projected to grow.

London street

There is a growing trend of young workers leaving the city. According to the study conducted by the University of Oxford, 88 workers leave London every day. The greatest number of people abandoning London are workers aged 25-34. The cost of living in the city is so high that young people aren’t able to afford to live there. And many young people abandon the city when they are just starting out. They have more money to spend and are often more ambitious. with this rate, the city’s population will be made up of mainly the elder generation.

Regardless of the exodus, the London economy is flourishing. Over the past decade, more restaurants, bars, and shops have opened. Despite the issues mentioned above, the capital is a hotspot for the world’s most active and influential people.