Tarmacing A Drive All You Need To Know

Tarmacing A Drive

Tarmacing A Drive is the process of resurfacing your driveway with tarmac. In This guide we will give you an overview of whats involved in Tarmacing A Drive as well as the potential costs and benefits. If you are considering Tarmacing A Drive we recommend contacting Rm Kennedy and Sons.

What Is Tarmac?

Tarmac also known as Tarmacadam is a material used in road surfacing which is made by mixing tar , macadam and sand. Around 1903 Tarmac was registered as a trademark and widespread use began in construction a short time later.

Tarmacing A Drive

What Are The Advantages To Tarmac?

There are several different advantages to using Tarmac as a material to Tarmac A Drive.

  • Tarmac is a durable smooth and easy to repair surface
  • Tarmac is cost effective and affordable
  • Tarmac is extremely weather resistant and durable overall. This means that it can withstand varying extreme weathers as well as supporting the weight of several heavy vehicles
  • Tarmacing A Drive can take only a few hours as the material sets quickly and professional contractors are usually very effective at getting the job done within a short timescale

Factors To Consider Before Tarmacing A Drive

Before Tarmacing A Drive there are a number of different factors that should be considered to ensure that the process is hassle free and effective for all those involved. Here is a list of what we believe are the most important factors you should consider before Tarmacing your driveway.

  • Consider the weather forecast before organising a date for the contractors to come to resurface the driveway. A day with poor weather conditions could restrict/hinder the progress of Tarmacing A Drive
  • Make Contractors aware of any nearby blockages or obstacles that could hinder the resurfacing of the driveway e.g tree roots or weeds growing near to where the driveway is going to be surfaced
  • Budget- Consider your budget and make sure you get an accurate quote before you decide to go ahead with any work. This is important to ensure that you get your Drive resurfaced within a budget and avoid overspending
  • Consider your neighbours before undertaking any word. It is advisable to contact them before work takes place. This helps keep your neighbours happy as they will be aware of whats going on and ensures that they will be aware contractors will be working in close proximity to their property

Tarmacing A Drive

Concrete Versus Tarmac

When comparing Concrete to Tarmac there are a number of advantages and disadvantages to both materials

  • In relation to repair , maintenance and resurfacing Tarmac is much more practical than a concrete surface
  • Tarmac is more effective at withstanding harsh weather conditions compared to concrete
  • Tarmac Drives are faster to install compared to Concrete Drives
  • Concrete Driveways are renowned for being extremely durable and can last up to 40 years without needing to be resurfaced. This is significantly more than how long a tarmac driveway may last before needing to be resurfaced
  • Tarmac is normally cheaper than Concrete drives per square metre of surface used