Plastic Surgeon Scotland | Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going Under the Knife

cosmetic surgeon scotland

Plastic surgery can include some pretty major procedures that can affect a person birth physically and mentally. Ensuring that you are ready for the change that you want and that plastic surgery is right for you are both essential when it comes to deciding if you are ready for cosmetic surgery. Read this before committing to undergoing treatment from a plastic surgeon in Scotland.

When Was Your Last Growth Spurt?

Even though there is no legal minimum age for who can get plastic surgery, many plastic surgeons in Scotland will not perform any treatment on someone under the age of 18 without cause. Many believe it is unethical if there isn’t a medical reason behind the treatment. It is also not advised for someone whose body is growing and changing to get any sort of plastic surgery.

A reliable plastic surgeon in Scotland will advise you to ensure your height, weight and breast size remain the same for a year before opting for any sort of invasive cosmetic surgery.

What Do You Want the Surgery to Correct?

You need to ask yourself if you are getting surgery to make yourself feel better, by improving something you don’t like about yourself or if you’re doing it to enhance your lifestyle. The plastic surgery patients that feel most fulfilled by their treatment are the ones who do it to fix and issues that can improve their lifestyle.

An example of this is someone who opts for a nose job to fix issues with breathing or balance facial features will have far more satisfaction than someone who just has a lot of insecurities and wants to look like someone out of a magazine.

Why Do You Want Plastic Surgery?

The best reasons to have for plastic surgery are that you’ve been thinking about it for a long time and you want to do it for yourself. Never get plastic surgery on a whim or because someone (like a boyfriend or social circle) tell you to or make you feel like you have to. An ethical plastic surgeon in Scotland may go through your reasons for getting plastic surgery to determine if you are getting it for the right reasons.

What Are You Expecting?

If you are expecting to walk out of the clinic looking like your favourite celebrity, then think again. Plastic surgery cannot give you everything. In order for it to look natural, a plastic surgeon in Scotland will need to work with the face and body that you have, enhancing your positive features and minimising your negative ones.

Have You Done Everything You Can to Help Yourself First?

An ethical plastic surgeon in Scotland will check with patients that they have made appropriate healthy lifestyle changes before opting for surgery. Plastic surgery should be done as a last result and not a quick fix. It is recommended to visit a nutritionist, trainer and psychologist before opting to go under the knife.

An example of this is that a plastic surgeon in Scotland will likely not perform liposuction on someone who is only wanting to shed a few pounds.