Creative Block: How to Get Your Productivity Back on Track

Staring at a blank page can be daunting. Suddenly your brain has hit a will and it can’t seem to think. This is what’s commonly known as a creative block. Everyone will get it. Even the most experienced and successful of creatives will suffer from it once in a while. The trick is to stay true to yourself and you will get over it. However, there are ways that you can try speeding up and overcoming this process. These are some of the ways that you can get your productivity back on track:

1.      Use a Different Tool

“A good workman never blames his tools” is a common expression that you’ll hear. While this may have some truth to it, mixing it up and using a fresh tool may give you that push that you need. For example, if your creative outlet is writing and you use Microsoft Word. Why not mix it up and download a different word processor? There are plenty out there including Google Docs.

2.      Get Over a Creative Block by Starting Early

Did you know that humans are most productive early on in the day? As the day goes on we tend to become less productive. One way to boost your productivity could be to set your alarm a little earlier. Get started on your work before the distractions of everyday life come in to play. You’ll have completed a lot by the time that some people are just getting up.

3.      Use Goals/Objectives

You may already have long-term goals and objectives in place. But why not try setting yourself goals for every creative session you do? This will give you something to work towards in the short term. It can often be a good tool for you to work out a starting point if you are stuck. Using time constraints can also help boost productivity, as you will have to work against a clock.

4.      Do Things Differently

A great way to get creativity going is to do something a bit different. If you write with one hand try writing with the other. If you are a writer then why not try sketching? It might sound like a strange thing to try. But it can work in getting your brain working, and in turn will help you get over that mental block.

5.      Do Nothing

Okay, you are probably thinking this is terrible advice. But why not just try doing nothing? Leave whatever task you were trying to complete. Subconsciously your brain is probably still working on it and will let you know when it has an epiphany.