Healthy Eating: The Health Benefits from Eating Mango

Mango is quite simply delicious. It’s one of the best tasting foods there is. You can eat it by itself, as part of a fruit salad, put it in a smoothie and much, much more. Its different texture combined with being packed full of flavour has meant that it has become a favourite of the public. People can’t get enough of this tropical fruit. Not only does it taste good, but it also is healthy eating! Here are all the health benefits from eating mango:

·        It Can Help Prevent Cancer

There is research that shows that Mango can prevent against cancer. This is due to the antioxidant compounds that can be found within the fruit. Cancers that it can apparently tackle include colon, prostate, breast and leukaemia.

·        Lower Cholesterol Levels

Because of its high levels of fibre, pectin and vitamin C. Mango can help fight against bad cholesterols running through our body. It most notably helps lower the level of low-density lipoprotein.

·        Clear Up Skin

We all want beautiful, smooth skin. Mango can help with that goal. Amongst the effects that Mango has is clearing pores and eliminating pimples from our surface.

·        Improves Eye Health

Mango is chock full of Vitamin A. What does Vitamin A do you ask? Well it can prevent against eye dryness and night-time blindness, as well as promoting good eyesight.

·        Alkalizes the Body

Mango is full of acids (citric, tartaric and malic) that are good for our bodies. This is because they help maintain the alkali levels.

·        Healthy Eating: Mango & Diabetes

Mango leaves can help prevent diabetes. This is because they normalise the insulin levels in our blood. There is a remedy where you boil the leaves, soak them overnight and then consume them in the morning that seems to work well.

·        Improve Your Digestion

Papayas are famous for improving digestion. But did you know that mangoes can have a similar affect? The enzymes in the fruit help us with our digestive system. Mangoes also include fibre which helps with this process.

·        Prevent Heat Stroke

Having a mango is a great way to cool the body down. If you are out on a hot day and really feeling the heat then eat a mango. It will help settle your body down.

·        Boost the Immune System

One reason why mango should be part of your healthy eating diet is because it can improve our immune systems. Vitamin C, vitamin A and several types of carotenoids all work to help us fight against diseases.