London Parks And Natural Areas

London parks are the best places in the city to stroll around and soak up the fresh air. However, not many people know where they are and which is the best among all the parks in London. Well, it’s your responsibility to find them out as one of the most important aspects of a healthy and happy life. Here are some of the best parks in London you should visit.

Main London Parks

One of the largest London parks you should definitely visit is Hyde Park. The park, which is located on the north side of the city is also the oldest park in London. It was built during the reign of Queen Victoria and it has various different public areas such as the Children’s Park, the Lake Park and a huge lawn along the lake. Although the park is quite large, it is divided into various areas which are namely the Central Park, South Park and the North Circular Gardens, which hold a number of spectacular gardens that are the pride of London parks.

Another very famous park in London is Richmond Park, which is just a few minutes away from central London. It is very close to the iconic Buckingham Palace and is also home to several other celebrities. The park is situated on almost 7 acres and has numerous buildings and monuments such as the National Gallery, the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum, which attract millions of tourists each year. Although the park is smaller than other London parks, it still features some of the best attractions such as the Boating Lake, Shakespeare’s Globe theatre and even the National Marine Aquarium.

The third London park that you must visit is the Kensington Gardens. It is one of the oldest parks in London and was originally created as a garden for the royal family. Although the garden has been transformed over the years, it still retains its historic charm and is considered to be one of the best London parks in terms of open spaces and natural beauty. The park is located on nearly 6 acres and has a variety of buildings and monuments including the Ridgeline Hotel and the Royal Ballet Theatre, plus a large number of gardens and grasslands.

If you are looking for an exciting place for families to go and play, then the London Zoo is a great place to visit. You can spend a hot summer day, playing in the pool or having a picnic near the pond. There are many attractions located at the park including the Dolphin House, which is the largest known dolphinarium in the world and a great place to learn more about these intriguing animals. Other attractions include the Loggerhead Sea Turtle Protection Society, which operates several programs to help sea turtles in various situations including rescuing them after being trapped in shipping lines. In addition to the Dolphin House, there are also several museums to visit including the London Zoo and the Natural History Museum, as well as numerous garden spaces including a pond and a massive tree-shaded conservatory. It is also home to the Royal Air Force Museum, which houses one of the worlds largest collections of aircraft.

More Parks To Visit

The Kensington Royal Park and Bloomsbury Park offer many public spaces where residents and visitors can enjoy the beautiful garden areas and the beautiful parks. There are beautiful gardens to tour and window shopping opportunities available to visitors. Many of these spaces are within walking distance of the Kensington High Street and the Brick Lane Underground station, and residents have access to central London bus services as well as a number of taxis and buses that can take visitors to all of the London parks and visitor centers.