Getting An Antigen Test At London Heathrow Airport

Using an antigen test at London Heathrow airport is an excellent way through which travellers can gain accurate and reliable antigen test results. Travelling by air is a safe and secure way of travelling however, airlines have made some mistakes that could have potentially affected your health. Some passengers have been diagnosed with a deadly virus after travelling on an aeroplane and there is a lack of support from the aviation industry. The test is quick, easy to use and non-invasive so should not prevent you from travelling but instead allow you to get home quicker and better. Read on for more information on how the antigen test at the airport works.

Testing Is Helping To Protect The Public

By using an antigen test, Heathrow airport has become one of the best places to travel from to different destinations. This is thanks to the range of safety measures in place across the airport in order to restrict and prevent the overall spread of the virus. As well as testing for the virus, there are also sanitiser stations located across the airport in addition to mandatory wearing of face masks across the airport in order to restrict and prevent the spread of the disease.

The public health measures across the globe introduced by a number of countries have been similar in many ways. However, many public and private organisations have had to implement restrictions at their own discretion in many cases. Across various health boards in the UK testing has helped to isolate and reduce the overall spread of coronavirus.

Our Tips For Your Onward Travel Plans

Making sure your onward travel plans are well thought out is important. Due to the current state of the pandemic across the world, future control measures and restrictions remain uncertain. Therefore where possible it is important to take precautions in order to restrict and to try and prevent the spread of the virus uncontrolled within the global population. Ensure that you take antigen tests at the allocated times before, during and after travel in order to ensure that you are free from the virus. Doing this protects you as well as your fellow passengers.

  • Plan journeys well in advance.
  • Read travel guidance before travelling abroad.
  • Take precautions such as wearing masks and sanitising hands where possible.
  • Book your antigen test through a registered and well recognised company/organisation.

Our Feedback On Antigen Testing At London Heathrow Airport

Overall the Antigen testing procedure at Heathrow airport was a first class service. We found that through the testing service we used, our results were handled professionally and confidentially. After we had successfully completed our tests we received our results back within a matter of days. We opted to choose to have these delivered by email in order to speed up the testing process.

The fact that we received fast and accurate results meant that we could continue on our journey through Heathrow with confidence whilst abiding with current government travel guidelines that are in place at present.