Why I Wanted to Sell My House Quick

sell my house fast

The coronavirus may very well have changed our way of life, not just in the short term while we are in lockdown, but for good.  The global pandemic has already changed our lives in so many ways, for example our shopping habits, our activities, the amount of time we spend outdoors, the ways in which we interact with each other, and more.  One of the most important and relevant ways it has changed our lives is our money, and the economy is in a sluggish lull at the moment.  Our recent article on the current state of the housing market in the UK and London showcases why it is going to be difficult to sell properties at the moment.  We heard from a young couple in London who decided in their words they wanted to ‘sell my house quick and avoid all the stress of selling during the corona pandemic.’

sell my house quick

The Story of Why I Decided to Sell My House Quick

My husband works in international pharmacology, and from the moment the coronavirus appeared on our radar we payed very close attention to it.  It was reported in China in later January, and gradually started to pick up traction in the mainstream media later in February.  But we knew as soon as we heard about it that this was going to be something that would affect everyone all over the world.  My husband was receiving reports from Wuhan that the infection rate was being covered up, and that it had almost certainly left China and had reached Europe.  That is when I had the initial plan to sell my house quick just as a precautionary in case the UK was put into a full country wide lockdown.


We Managed to Sell Right Before Lockdown

As a lockdown event became more and more possible, so did our plans to leave central London. We had been planning on selling our home later in the year when housing prices were at their highest, but the global pandemic events forced our hand.  We had already found our next home that was fortunately vacant, so the decision was made to sell our home as fast as we could.  The process was actually quite straightforward.  We had received a recommendation from a friend to use a national company that was much better than the usual quick property buyers.  They made the whole process simple and straightforward, and we are so glad we sold our house with them.

sell my house quick

Advice For Fellow Home Owners

The latest figure that we know of is that across the UK, property sales have fell as much as 50%, meaning that it is extremely difficult to sell your home through the usual channels.  The government have not banned property sales, however they have advised against people attending viewings of homes for sales.  This makes it very difficult indeed to sell your home in this current climate.  The only sure way of getting a property sale at the moment is by using an online property buyer like we did.