Rising Damp Problems

rising damp

It is time to take action on issues of dampness and rising damp problems in London. In order to save money you should plan ahead. The time to act is now. I will explain some steps to take that can save you money on repairs and maintenance.

rising damp

What Causes Rising Damp?

One of the first things you need to do is to understand what causes damp. Dehumidifiers and air conditioners are great tools but they are not the solution. The problem with these items is that they dry out damp air in the room. You still have moist air so the moisture isn’t being removed so the problem is still there. Rising damp problems happen due to the damp rising up through the building and causing damp related problems.

If you have already read your local building regulations then you know that most buildings are required to use dehumidifiers. One of the other ways to help prevent damp problems is to utilize fans. The fans will dry the air that’s already wet will be dried up. Be sure to place them near your windows as well as doors to help circulate the air and keep the air moist at all times.

rising damp

Checking The Roof

The next thing you should do if you want to save money on damp problems is to check the roof. Ensure that it is sealed properly and is providing a good seal. Fix any cracks or holes and make sure it’s secured at all times. Before leaving, seal it up with an inexpensive product that can protect it for a few days if there are any damp problems.

If your house does have mains water supply then be sure to use a dehumidifier whenever possible. You should also install an exhaust fan on the bottom of your kitchen stove. This will provide a controlled air flow which will eliminate moisture.


Check The Mains

If you do have mains water supply then you may have to pay a higher cost to fix the problem. Your next step would be to eliminate any moisture from entering the house. For this you can use an automatic sprinkler system that will let water falls through a slot and then sprinkle the water where it needs to go. It is quick and easy to install and will usually be quite affordable.

If you’re having mains water supply then you need to protect it from damage. This can be done by using window film that can reduce the amount of UV light entering the room. Make sure you leave some room in the windows because moisture can get inside the glass. You can also install weather stripping in the cracks on your windows to protect them.

It is easy to understand why damp problems can be a problem for your home. You need to take a few steps to help prevent moisture from building up in the first place. These simple steps will save you money and help you reduce the problems caused by damp and rising damp problems in London. It is essential that you keep these tips in mind the next time you need to fix something in your home.