What We Do


Open Streets Trust is the UK’s leading centre of knowledge, contacts and expertise on Open Streets events. It has direct personal experience of events in the UK, North America, Africa and elsewhere. It knows many of the practitioners, and keeps close touch with the developing Open Streets movement around the world.


The Trust promotes the benefits of Open Streets events. It is the natural port of call for communities and local authorities wanting to explore and reap the benefits of Open Streets events in their localities.

The Trust is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable bridge between the many parties potentially involved: communities; local authorities; event organisers; suppliers of activities, and civil society organisations.


The Trust has the resources to provide leadership for planning and implementing Open Streets events on behalf of communities and local authorities. It would expect to lead a Steering Group for each event, including local authority officers, business and community representatives, and private or third sector delivery partners. This group would report regularly on plans, implementation and successes of events, provide publicity to support community and local authorities’ promotional priorities.


Open Streets Trust is independent and focuses solely on Open Streets. It will work with any organisation to achieve successful Open Streets events, providing leadership with independence.


The Trust will structure the finances of each Open Streets event according to circumstances, preferring to raise funds in conjunction with local voluntary groups, supported by private and public sector bodies.

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